Here are few things to consider when travelling to Armenia.

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FROM UAE TO ARMENIA – things to bring:

1. PASSPORT and 2. VISA – of course these are the keys to enter to other countries – these are the most important things to bring.

3. PLANE TICKET (return ticket) – for my 4days trip I booked my ticket at the amount of AED799 or the equivalent of $217/php10,830/Amd105,260 more or less. That was discounted fare emailed to me from musafir. I flow with Air Arabia Airlines from Sharjah International Airport to Zvartnots International Airport Yerevan.

CURRENCY – type of money to bring:

Armenian currency is Armenian Dram (AMD). I brought US Dollars as my pocket money and change it when I reached there. There are a lot of currency exchange booth in Yerevan (in the airport, supermarket etc). $500.00 is more than enough for a one week of stay. Here are the equivalent currencies based on this date:


1. ARMENIAN VISA – it cost about AMD3,000.

Note that Armenian immigration will not accept any currency except Armenian Dram, but don’t worry if you don’t have Armenian money upon your arrival (like me that time), there are ATM machine and money changer booth just a few steps from the visa counter.

2. 4 DAYS and 3 NIGHTS at the HOSTEL – for OneWay hostel it cost about AMD40,000.00.

I chose a room only for me at the hostel, got it in that cost the above amount. They also have available dormitory rooms for those who only want a bed-space to stay.

3. TAXI SERVICE from the airport to the hostel and vice versa – AMD6,000.00

I decided to booked a taxi from the hostel before my flight for the easy access and less of time spent travelling when I reached the country.

4. The rest of my tour budget from buses, trains, private cars, foods and others reached by the average amount of $300.00 approx.

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Armenia currency: Armenian Dram (AMD) Solo Travel 2016 Armenia 🇦🇲 …it's a Beautiful World! #TraVolMisch©

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A MAP and a COMPASS for the desired places to visit

compass for my next solo travel 

This is a tip for those like me, who are not good in locations. 😀 As I mentioned in my other blog (Armenia – Day 1) that I got lost in my first day in Armenia. Though you will bring map, you too should bring compass with you.

When talking to locals it is an advantage if you know Russian, some adults knew the language. There are also people mostly young know English but few.

I didn’t brought compass the time I went to Armenia but in the photo is a preparation for my next solo travel, well I do have also in the phone! 😀


it was cold at Zvartnots cathedral

I underestimated the weather in Armenia on spring. I just brought few thick clothes during my trip but those didn’t gave me much comfort in cold weather outdoors. Thanks to my found friends there they let me borrowed their sweater and gloves especially during evenings or the day in some areas . Thank you!

I am okay with my hiking shoes and my leggings in the photo (in my travels I only bring few clothes with me) – the only thing really need the most is the upper clothes and hands.



This is also IMPORTANT THING to remember when you travel to Armenia especially if you came from the UAE like me!

Armenia uses power plug/socket which is type C & F (unlike in Dubai) – means it have 2 rounded holes. I was so lucky, I found a universal adapter in the hostel and borrowed it for my whole stay there. So make it sure to bring an universal adopter for your stay!


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