“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love” – Rumi


In my younger years I am very much shy that some people said ‘I cannot break glass’! 😀 Well maybe, but unknowingly deep in my heart – I am a little bit adventurous. I do not fully believe in zodiac sign but yeah, I am a Sagittarius and personalities like freedom, adventure, travel and curiosity are inside me. But – I am not an extrovert type which the zodiac also describes Sagittarians. In nature I am an introvert who happens (which in the process) becoming to be an ambivert. I travel/go outdoors not that I have an itchy feet (because I didn’t) or loneliness, but because I have a purpose and one of my purpose is to discover/creating myself. So far it’s in progress and the goal is not just to know self but the mystery of life/world. lol – it was a secret then but now no more, char! 😀


Last year I made it a goal to do more adventures or the outdoors as well as once a year to give back and reflect. So I did it (Thanks GOD) and below are the best activities that I did last year. I share these experiences in order to inspire some that ‘whenever you set your mind to – you can do it’. As what Napoleon Hill quoted “What the mind can conceive must achieve”.

But in those span of time of your goals do not expect smooth roads; there are blocks, humps or detours as you go along. There are things will happen unexpectedly, well it depends – but yeah things like that. 🙂 It’s like this: I booked for vacation in the Philippines (included Malaysia for 5 days solo) all for one month in October but I didn’t go and the payments – I lost it! Anyway, it was a discounted trip and I paid it for 1,800dhs (total of all trips for two countries). 😀 Well, there is always another time or right time – someday to Malaysia…

I didn’t shared it in my blog or in my other social accounts that at the mid of 2017 I lost my job, but GOD is great I found another one. “If one door closes, there is another one opens”. Life is like that – just live life and expect many surprises. Try not to worry and do not expect much, but do not lost your dreams/visions in life. Do not be afraid to do some crazy things or be lazy. For me sometimes there are days that I need to recharge (as an introvert) and that makes me feel idle.

In my 2018 I still love to do some adventures in my 2017 activities, but maybe there are also more deep goals to reach. GOD bless for those! 🙂 But this time, I am trying hard to fulfill on this quotes: “It’s all about quality of life and finding a happy balance between work and friends and family”. quoted by Philip Green. And I have my version in this! “The quality of life is finding a happy balance between work, friends, family, self and your faith”. 

TraVol Misch 2017 HIGHLIGHTS: Enjoy!!

1. REPUBLIKA NG PILIPINAS (Republic of the Philippines) – January 2017

  • Caving at Balay sa Agta Cave in Cunalom, Argao, Cebu, Philippines

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  • Visited Bugasok Falls in Cunalom, Argao, Cebu, Philippines

  • Canyoneering at Badian, Cebu, Philippines

  • Joyride and one night stay at Coal Mountain Resort located at the middle of the mountains in Argao.

  • And giving back 

"The world sees only what you do, GOD sees why you do it."<life is not just for love of adventures & self but also the…

Posted by TraVol Misch on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

2. SULTANATE OF OMAN – February 2017

  • A day hike at the farm and abandon villages in Jabal Akhdar, Oman

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  • Via Ferrata at Alila Hotel, Jabal Akhdar, Oman

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3. GEORGIA (country) – April 2017

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  • Old Tbilisi Day 1 

  • Ananuri, Gudauri and Kazbegi Day 2

  • Mtskheta City Day 3

  • Tbilisi Free Walking Tour Day 4

  • Park, Museums and Churches Day 5


  • OUTDOORS (Hikes)

Hike and Camping at Wadi Ghalilah Dam side

Wadi Naqab and Bat Cave Hike (1st time)

Wadi Ghalilah Musala area

Wadi Naqab and Bat Cave Hike (2nd time) with Arabbian FiTrekkers

The Castle Hike by Arabbian FiTrekker

  • INDOORS (Badminton Sports)

In 2017 we played approximately eight times during summer at Dubai Sports World Center in World Trade Center, Dubai.

  • Volunteering 

Terry Fox Run

NAS Sports

Smile on the Face

Dubai Cares

A Beach Cleanup Dubai (ABCD)

Spartan Race

Canvas 17 Painting Competition


I love to Thank you all! All of you who made my 2017 such a great life adventure. To all my friends in any affiliation I had and to my family too. You are all great!

I am still progressing in my goals/life and in my blogs as well. But even to that you are there – being with me or reading my contents in my website, fb page, instagram and youtube. Thank you so much. GOD bless and all the best for the year 2018! ♥

Life….. (everything) is a mystery! I don’t aim to know it all but I will continue my journey. Yes, life is a journey (or adventure) and in that journey we learn. So keep going! 🙂

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