“I’m going to travel solo!” these exciting words were announced to my parents on the phone a week before I booked my flight. “and I am going to stay in a Hostel!” 😀

First I would like to talked about my parents – really they are protective parents (not those harsh or strict type but those with a lot of advices). Though being far and independent for many years, still we communicate with each other through phone. When they heard my announcement they were hesitant and advised not to or instead travel with friends. Well, because of these some exaggerated news they saw in our televesion! They fear for me to travel to unknown places by myself. Of course, I gave my rational side and I go on to my plans with respect. Later on, they understand as expected – of course I am old enough! 😀 and they send their prayers and blessings.

It was just a quick preparation, I booked then for 3 weeks was my flight. There was a promo or cheaper flights emailed to me from musafir.com, for Air Arabia airlines – a blessing that came on time, so I took that offer. The fare was just about 799AED.

I also booked online in booking.com for hostel about 310AED (the rate that time, currency will depends on the date you reached to the hostel) for four nights in a single room. I stayed at One Way Hostel – location is great at the center of Yerevan – Tumanyan St.


No, not really in my first solo travel – but yes in my room. haha 😀

I toured parts of the country with my new found friends. We met in the hostel where we stayed. They are really great! Hope to see them again. Thank you guys once again. 🙂

Truly, it was of course a great experience to travel alone once a year and I also will advise you to travel solo in your lifetime. You will see the unfamiliar place by yourself and you will meet new friends by your own.

…these handsome fellas! 🙂 I’m thankful I met them and we traveled together. This photo taken at the ruins of Zvartnots Cathedral.


It was in this beautiful country of Armenia where I took my first ever solo travel. Before my flight – of course I checked documentaries about Armenia. I asked some friends who had been there. I did checked short information of the place based on some experiences like blogs and forums. When I am satisfied, after all that short inquiry – in my mind “yey, this is a great country for my first solo” that’s why this country came to my mind. Indeed – it was and I am always grateful.

Before all those things happened and planned, at the very beginning of the year – to travel alone was my goal in 2016. GOD is so great! I just can’t hide how grateful I am. So let me also express my faith in here. HE guided me, all in all in this travel it was an easy going from booking a ticket to going back in the UAE. It was during the lenten season which I intuited to go solo. I am always thankful to that – HE is really great!


Based on my experienced – Armenia is a safe country, good for solo travel and for solo female traveler.

But we will always remember that anywhere could be safe and dangerous – things happen at anytime and anywhere. We will just believe in our instinct and what we feel. That’s what I did and I also asked guidance. Of course, there was that little fear of the unknown came to mind (as a solo first timer), but I never let it ruled in my heart because I know I can go with my own.

You will never know until you try. After this experienced I am looking forward for my next solo travel soon. This is wanderlust! 😀 GOD bless.

So keep going and exploring based on your capability, choices and passion. Let’s go!

More experiences and stories soon in my next blogs about Armenia – keep posted on my next blog.  Thank you 🙂

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    1. Hi Jalisa,
      Thank you for your feedback! 🙂
      I’m glad to know that you found my post inspiring. ♥
      Yes, it is great to try travelling solo – wish you all the best soon in your travels and good luck! 🙂

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