“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain!” – Jack Kerouac

Are you living in the UAE and you love hiking? This post is for you! 🙂 But before the list of the mountains we’ve gone hiking, let me first include some important requirements to bring and wear while hiking in the desert mountains. Please consider these lists which I learned from the groups requirements I hiked with:

  1.  Hiking shoes is a must
  2. A small backpack (with good shoulder and waist traps is highly recommended)
  3. Minimum of 3 liters of water (you will carry this while on hike) – this depends also (if you sweat a lot bring more water)
  4. Hydration drink
  5. Hiking trousers/leggings/shorts (jeans is not for hiking, so do not wear jeans!)
  6. Sun protection like sun glasses, caps and sunscreen
  7. Carry some energy bars and snacks (to feed you when you feel hungry)
  8. Head lamps (sometimes hikes lasted in the evening so better bring lights)
  9. First Aid Kit
  10. Extra shirts (to change after the hike)
  11. “Will” – your will to hike and climb to that goddamn mountain! 😀

Hiking is for a long distance or vigorous walk, usually on trails. It has many benefits, few of those are: can give you a powerful cardio workout that will strengthen your core. It also can lower the risk of heart disease. So hiking must be included in your lifestyle. 🙂

Below are lists of beautiful mountains and valleys in the UAE that we hiked with. These lists starts from my latest hikes to the oldest.

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1. Wadi Al Hayl, Fujairah ‘2017 December’

For more details check my blog post: Wadi Al Hayl – The Castle Hike by Arabian FiTrekkers

Beautiful rocks formation at Wadi Al Hayl

2. Wadi Naqab and Bat Cave, RAK ‘2017’

For more details check my blog post: Wadi Naqab and Bat Cave Hike – RAK

Climbing to Bat Cave at Wadi Naqab

3. Wadi Ghalilah Musala, RAK ‘2017 March’

For more details check my blog post: Wadi Ghalilah at Musala area Hike – RAK

Beautiful scenery on our way to Wadi Ghalilah, Musala area

5. Wadi Ghalilah Dam, RAK ‘2017 January’

For more details check my blog post: Hiking and Camping at Wadi Ghalilah – Dam side

6. Jabal Jais, RAK ‘2016 December’

For more details check my blog post: Jebel Jais Wadi Hike and Climbing – RAK

Climbing at rocky mountain and wadi at Jebel Jais

7. Wadi Ghail, RAK ‘2016 October’

With UAE Mountain Climbing/Camping Group again in Wadi Ghail. It was an easy hike, the round trip distance is about 18 kilometers and the total elevation is 730 meters. Endurance level was moderate to hard. We hiked mostly on dirt road, there’s less climbing and no rock scrambling. Beautiful at the top and there is a village/farm there to visit.

Started our hike early in the morning at Wadi Al Ghail

8. Wadi Naqab, RAK ‘2016 October’

My first hike in the group UAE Mountain Climbing/Camping Group lead by Steve Tollington. It was an easy to moderate hike, the round trip distance is about 15 kilometers and the total elevation is 200 meters. Technical level: Easy to Moderate and the Endurance level: Moderate. The most beautiful part of this hike was it rained more than halfway to end our hike.

9. Wadi Sham, RAK ‘2016 May’

This is an entry level hike in Ras Al Khaimah. I and a friend booked this hike for Adventurati Outdoor End Season Hike and paid about AED300.00.

Beautiful rock formation at Wadi Sham

10. Wadi Al Helo, Sharjah ‘2015 December’

Wadi Al Helo is located at the Eastern Region – Emirates of Sharjah. This was my first official hike in the UAE. The group was about 115 hikers hosted by ‘UAE Mountain Club’ with experienced lead hikers.

At the top of our hike at Mount Al Helo

To end my post I’ll write here the very important reminders: our responsibility as hikers! This is to care for our nature. Please do not throw anything like plastics in the mountains while hiking. Sadly, few of us did this without thinking that this will affects not just to animals but to all of us. Kindly always bring your trash with you and throw it properly. “Do not leave your trash behind”!

“Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but pictures, kill nothing but time.”

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