I am holding a Philippine passport and Georgia requires evisa for Filipinos in the Philippines. But as a resident in the UAE, my visa to Georgia is free! Entering to Tbilisi International Airport was easy. Thank you Georgian immigration!

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It was almost noontime when I departed from Dubai International Airport and arrived at Shota Rustaveli Tbilisi International Airport by approximately 3pm. The hostel owner where I was staying in Tbilisi picked me there. At the airport where I change my currency (but not all) from dollars to Georgian Lari. Most travelers will advised you not to change currency in the airport ‘coz it is a bit expensive but I have no choice that time – I need few Lari currency to pay my hostel payment and taxi service. 🙂

Usually, I booked my flights at Air Arabia but that time I found cheap flights at cleartrip which directed me to Fly Dubai. Thank you Fly Dubai it was a safe flight.

[Hmmm, I have a little bit experience inside Fly Dubai when I boarded in the plane. Well, this is a personal blog and this is like a journal too, so some nice or not so nice experience will be written here as well. 😉 As I am about to sit in my assigned location, there was a guy seated already in my seat number. They were travelling by group, I think they were students. I looked at him, asked and showed my number. He refuses to gave me my seat, he wants me to sit at the other side where he should be. I didn’t agreed because I like my location – I chose it in advance. I asked one of the flight attendant, she asked the guy (with his friend beside him) then suggested me to maybe I can use the other seat. Really? But I refused, the guy was hesitant to transfer and the flight attendant just advised me to use the other. Hmmm, thanks that one guy came – he was my seatmate in the plane and we want our location. They didn’t have a choice but gave us our seats. Anyway, it was just a peaceful conversation. My point is I have the rights, the one who can finally decide where I should sit is me. Thank you! ;)]

Here is my Day 1 video in Tbilisi, Georgia:

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As always I booked my hostel at booking.com. Why Corner Hostel? No one advised me for this hostel, I searched affordable hostels in the internet myself and found Corner Hostel. I chose one private bedroom for me to stay for five days. For more information about the hostel, you can check it at booking.com site just type Corner Hostel Georgia.


When I reached in my Hostel, it rained so I stayed for awhile at my room. I didn’t booked a tour when I traveled to Georgia, so that time I’m thinking where to go and searched some places in Tbilisi on the internet. Then later, the owner message me if I would like to go with him – drove some places in Tbilisi City.

View of Kartlis Deda from my Hostel after the rain

We drove to Kartlis Deda monument. I did some photos and videos there, stopped for sometime to see the beautiful view of Old Town Tbilisi. The view is amazing! The weather that time too is great – still a little cold at Springtime.

This is the cable car station near Narikala Fortress

I tried the Cable Car in there too – rode it back and forth for the view and experience. A single drive cost about GEL2.00. First I bought the metro card from the station for about GEL2.00 only and you can use the card for any public transport in Tbilisi – just deposit some money. This cable car connecting from Narikala Fortress or the Old Town Tbilisi going to Rike Park.

Great view from the Old Town Tbilisi and Aerial Trams
The Republic Square

We drove through Republic Square and some places in the center of Tbilisi. My host told me that there are lots of bars in Tbilisi and suggested me – then I can go. (Well, maybe some will say I’m a little bit killjoy but yeah bars/drinks are not my thing).

Giant bike!!

My host showed me few amazing objects/arts on the roads, then dropped me back in the hostel.  

The Bridge of Peace towards Rike Park

It’s still early in the evening when I reached in the hostel and so I decided to explore Tbilisi by myself. While walking I didn’t expect I reach below photo:

Old Town Tbilsi – the I Love Tbilisi Sign

I saw the Bridge of Peace and went there, I crossed it towards Rike Park. The bridge is built in a bow-style. It have many LED lights and during nighttime the bridge is full of lights. During my visit the bridge color was of the European-Union flag. I didn’t dig deep about the reason behind (maybe political) but it was nice.


Beautiful part of Kura River and a view of Presidential office at the right

Kura River is an east-flowing river south of the Big Caucasus mountains, drains to the southern slopes of the Greater Caucasus (Big Caucasus) east into the Caspian Sea.


At Rike Park bench area

Rike Park is in the opposite side of the Old Town Tbilisi. From the old town you can access the park through the Bridge of Peace or walk at the pedestrian lane on the road. I did both, I used the Bridge of Peace from the Old Town where my hostel located and at the other side (road side) when I went back.


Amazing view

Rike Park Music Theatre and Exhibition Hall have a great shape. I like it! Though I didn’t gone inside but the view from the outside is really amazing.

The Presidential Office at the top is built in 2004 based on a 19th-century neoclassical edifice and finished on the year 2009.


Great view of Metekhi St. Virgin church and Kura river

From Rike Park (that with cable cars) I gone here walking. I tried to enter the church on Good Friday but I thought it was closed and so I continue walking where my feet leads.

  • SAINT GEVORG CHURCH (Armenian Apostolic Church)

Took some photos, videos and a lot of steps! Then I saw another church, I tried to go inside. The name of church is Saint Gevorg Church (Armenian Apostolic Church). As I travel, I will always visit some cathedral or churches on my first day. For me, churches have lots of history and that can tell you a story. 🙂

To end my day I went to a small supermarket just a walking distance from my hostel – bought bread, fruits, some snacks and water. Well, that is a budget traveler – foods/snacks from the supermarket! 😀 Well, yeah – I also got lost when I returned to the hostel. I met a lady maybe by her late 30’s and asked my direction. She can’t speak English and so I gave her my hostel calling card. She is kind, she called and directed me where the way  was. And to my surprise, it’s just near where I was!! 😀 Thank you ma’am! ♥

The things I love to do when I travel are when I walked and or I got lost in the city or place. This when I started to communicate or be with the locals or even though we didn’t talked much when roaming around but at least the time when we see them in person or passed them in the streets (or wherever they are) is different experience than when you’re just inside the car/with your tour guide. In GOD’s grace I will expand this purpose.

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Hostel total price (VAT included) for 5 days 120.00 45.60 169.20 2,307.60
Taxi service (from airport to hostel) 30.00 11.40 42.30 576.90
Gudauri-Kazbegi trip (partial payment) 25.00 9.50 35.25 480.75
Metro Card (price & extra deposit) 25.00 9.50 35.25 480.75
Food and snacks I bought 13.50 5.13 19.04 259.61
TOTAL 213.50 81.13 301.04 4,105.61
note: currency equivalent based on this date


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