Hi everyone! 🙂

Welcome to my website! This is my first post and a friendly WELCOME to you all! Thank you for the time and for reading my blogs. 🙂 Here’s a short description about the author – yours truly.

travolmisch rak
“photo credit from a friend.”

“I Read. I Travel. I Become.”

The author done some small trips/travels, hiking and volunteering on her vacant days while she is still working as an employee.

In the later year of 2014, she joined some volunteering activities and joined a group of volunteers. She love to reach out and so she searched activities inside the country where she can do volunteering. She found the right group and though alone (doesn’t know anyone) in the first event but she did it. Her social skills improved and found more happy people with the same mindset.

On the other hand, she met and knew two friends who love to travel. They are her previous colleagues and became her travel buddies. These friends already traveled many countries away from home in their previous years. Earlier in the year of 2015, they visited and roamed some places of the country where they lived and in the mid of the same year they traveled outside the country. Well, these friends of her already in their home country at the moment and she is looking forward to meet them and travel again together in the future.

These experiences made her realize her wanderlust inside and so she is looking forward to travel more, hike more, volunteer more, meet good people, visit different places, experience different cultures and share to inspire.

Her insights is the world was, is and will always be beautiful. So enjoy! 🙂