This is my first hike with Arrabian FiTrekkers lead by Tarek. It was a moderate hike with stairs in some areas on the trail. Also there are tables and bench in stop/resting area. Some parts of the mountains are slippery others are steep and high, hikers should watch their steps to avoid falling/sliding. At the middle of our hike, we found some rainwater still in the rocks and it was beautiful!

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Not that far from our hike we found a dead goat (we thought just died that day with some fresh bites). Who’s that beast? At higher part of the mountain while we continue our hike we again found another dead goat (but that goat died for few days already – bites were dry).

For our lunch and rest, we stopped at the village/farm and later that day we met one local farmer. He is very shy to met us. He is good! We enjoyed staying at the farm and we didn’t continue hiking to the top. In the farm where so peaceful – I love to relax there (away from city life and busy work)! 🙂

At the end of our hike we collected some trash that we pick up while hiking.

Our Hike Details:

Start time at approx. 9:30am
Difficulty was Easy to Moderate
Start point of elevation is 250 metres
Duration was about 5 to 7 hours (with stops/breaks)
Start point of elevation is 250 metres
Highest point of elevation is  1550 metres

Hiking Gears:
1) A small backpack with good shoulder and waist straps
2) Hiking shoes
3) Sun protection, hat and sun glasses
4) Energy bars and snacks
5) at least 3 litters of water and some hydration drinks
6) A head lamp
7) Hiking trousers or shorts
8) An extra t-shirt for the way back

All information from Arabian FiTrekkers requirements in the events.

(We had a great video in this hike – soon to be posted in my YouTube channel). 😉

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