“Photo above is Lobio inside a beautiful classic cup made of clay.”

Honestly, in terms of foods, eating and restos – I am less active. I am not that fun in eating, but when I went to Georgia I tasted different kinds of their traditional foods and I love all of those. Below are the lists of different cuisine I tasted during my visit, photos from my Instagram posts. 🙂

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1. KHACHAPURI (Georgian staple food)

– In another restaurant a waitress taught me and a friend (I met there) how to eat Khachapuri in a traditional way. First, blend the half cooked egg (or raw egg), molten cheese and pat of butter in the middle. Next, sliced the boat-shaped bread into bite size-chunks. Lastly, dip a tidbit of bread into the cheese mixture and swirl then hmmm eat it!

2. KHINKALI (Georgian dumplings)

– During our ‘Tbilisi Free Walking Tour’ (now Tbilisi Hack Free Tours) our tour guide ‘Anna’ told and taught us how to eat Khinkali in Georgian traditional way. So while eating here in this photo I remember what she said and did it. You should first do by sucking the juices while taking the first bite, to prevent the dumpling from bursting. Of course you should use your bare hands while eating and hold the tip of the dumplings.

3. LOBIO (Georgian stew) with MACHADI (Georgian cornbread)

4. KUPATI (Georgian sausage)

– Well, this is my favorite Georgian traditional foods I tasted.

5. CHICKEN with EGGPLANT at the bottom

Well, because I got lost in this area – I came to a #FamilyRestaurant. I can't read the name of this restaurant because it is written in #Georgian letters. My purpose is to charge my phone & connect to the internet. 😄 So of course, I need to order something & yeah I was hungry too. The menus were expensive though – the waiter gave me menus from the late #BarbareEristavi_Jorjadze in 1833-1895. This cuisine I didn't knew the exact Georgian name but it is made of chicken & eggplant with sauce, olive oil & some leaves (chicken on top of eggplant). It cost about GEL 30. I like it, it was delicious 😋 & the people there were great. Thank you guys! Thank you too for helping me find my way to Vake park & introducing taxify for taxi at the right price. 👍🏻 #Tbilisi #Georgia🇬🇪 #SoloTraveler #SoloTravel #SoloTrip #Travel #Trip #travelgram #iphoneography #iphone6plus …it's a Beautiful World! #TraVolMisch©

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7. CHURCHKHELA (Georgian candy)



– this is of course popular in Georgia and most who came to the country should try their wine. They are one who have the best wines in the world as what most people said. In my case I didn’t yet tasted it when I was there, maybe someday in my next visit. 🙂


– I learned also about Georgia’s traditional method on aging/storing of their wine through clay jars, they called it Kvevri. I was informed by my hostel host who’s with me during my visit at Svetitskholi cathedral – that storing wine in Kvevri have the best in taste and natural. I read also that it does not requires chemical preservatives in order to last longer.




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