photo above are Maasai women in Amboseli National Park, Kenya

Usually, most of us loves to travel to other country because we want to see their iconic landmarks and a bit of their history. I agree with that! In my first travel – what was in my mind was to see and visit their very famous landmarks. When I went to Jordan, I was very excited to visit Petra because it is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. I was very amazed too with our canyoning in Wadi Mujib – my very first great adventure outside my country.

Nothing can substitute the best feeling while you were travelling. In my experience – I felt great that I accomplished something, it is a dream come true and a little bit pride for myself.

But other than those buildings and beautiful nature we saw and explore, meeting locals or travelers and have a little conversation with them is really great. Though for some you just gave a smile because you didn’t speak the same language. At the end of the day it was a wonderful experience.

In my nature, I am an introvert type but I learn to be an ambivert when I started to volunteer and travel. Thanks to the people I’ve met and knew in this journey. I am also not a full time traveler, I am an employee and I travel only in some of my holidays maximum of 5 days but seeing these people are amazing as well. You can get information and will learn many things from them though being with them in a little span of time.

This post is dedicated to all the people I’ve met during those trips I did. Below are some photos where I (or with friends) met/talked/knew to locals and travelers. I am very thankful to all of you beautiful people!

1. TOUR DRIVER/GUIDE/HOST – they are locals of course, they knew the place very well and you can depend on them about the locations. They can show you around in any places which you are interested into. They can show or teach you about their traditions and cultures.

photos from Jordan, Kenya and Georgia
  • Jordan is the country where I first love. My first official travel I did with friends for 4 days. There, we spent more time with our driver – most of the places we had gone were a joyride. We learn things about Jordan and its history with his tale. His story that I can’t forget was about Sodom and Gomorrah while we were riding in the area from Dead Sea to Wadi Mujib. Sometimes he got angry ‘coz we sometimes returned to our car late as scheduled (in a plan tour visiting landmarks is a limited time). 😀 But Refki is really good!
  • I talked less when I was in Kenya but I am thankful to Charles for the positive attitude towards us. He drove the car for us from Nirobi to Amboseli National Park and for the last day going to the airport bound to Dubai. He is nice to talk to and a traveler as well.
  • In Corner Hostel where I stayed while I was in Georgia. I booked it from site. It is located in old Tbilisi which is owned by Miro. If you consider staying in a hostel while in Tbilisi you can contact him, just visit the above mentioned sites. He can customize tours, he can drive a car for you in the place where you want to go. He drove my trip from Kazbegi, Gudauri, Mtskheta city and some parts in Tbilisi. He introduced some Georgian local foods (Lobio) to me while I was with him in Mtskheta city.

2.  TAXI DRIVERS – of course there are a lot of them who loves to drop you wherever you want. They are very good in telling you about the city or country you are in. You can asks them and they will give you a lots of information. 

photos from Armenia, Kenya and Georgia
  • In Armenia where I met lots of them. When we did the trip to Khor Virap, Geghard monastery and Garni Temple we lost the bus and so we met lots of taxi drivers offering us a ride. We did barter prices and agreed to one driver who never gave up on us his offer. He was fun – he talked much, when he can’t understand he called his translator on the phone.
  • I was in a solo flight from UAE to Kenya, and my friend advised me to used a taxi (from airport to KICC) when we will met as it is safer. Yes I did, I got taxi from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Before my flight I did some researched about taxi’s in Kenya and found out JKIA had the highest reviews for safety to ride. I paid in their kiosk at the airport about Ksh2,000.00 (Kenyan Shillings) equivalent to USD19.30 or AED70.87 or Php996.57 (as of this date) for approximate of 17.6 kilometres (from airport to KICC). They are yellow cabs. I met Robert as my driver that time, he told me some good places and a bit of history about Kenya and Nairobi. He speaks English well.
  • Being lost to your destination is normal when in solo trip and I’m not the exemption. I lost in some parts of Tbilisi, so indeed up in a restaurant to eat. My purpose was to get access in the internet for location and information. There was this waiter who advised me to used taxify app for a reasonable price of taxi services to reached my next destination on time. I did download the app and requested a taxi to drop me to Vake park. I got Quecha as my driver that time. I paid only GEL5.30 (equivalent to USD2.07 / AED7.60 / PHP106.59 as of this date) for aproximate of 5.5 kilometres in maximum of 20 minutes.

3. THE KIDS – they are my favorite people to met, the children! Most of them will enjoy with your company as a tourist. They smiles a lot even though at first they feel shy to met you. Most of them are very friendly. They are innocent and happy. I surely am enjoy with their company.

photos from Philippines, Jordan and Armenia
  • In the Philippines, where you can find lots of hardworking kids especially in the province. I met these two youngters in Osmenia Peak (O’ Peak) in Mantalungon, Dalaguete, Cebu. That was Saturday afternoon, when I with friends met them at the top of O’ Peak. As I talked to them, they were tour guides of some foreign tourists that day. Each of them earned Php100.00 for each tour (that was in 2015). Sometimes, if tourists are very kind they earned more than a hundred pesos.
[“So where did you use the money you’ve earned today?” I asked. 
“For our education as we are still studying.” they answered. 
“I see, so every weekend you are here as a tour guide right?” I admired.
“Yes.” they smiled. 
“Great job kiddos! Can I have your photos?” I requested.]
  • They were playing in the park that night when we reached one of the Mosque in Amman. We took awhile outside the Mosque then later these children attracted our attention. I decided to go near them and all of us with my friends had a little conversation with these Jordanian kids. We all enjoyed while we did our photos.
  • After our adventure in Wadi Mujib, we directed to a long drive for Petra. But before reaching Petra we first gone to its “Guardian” in Wadi Musa or known as the “Valley of Moses” to drink and fetch it’s natural spring water. There, we found lots of kiddos fetching water. They’re ashamed with us but we were exchanging smiles.
  • It was an amazing trip to Armenia, where I met lots of very kind people (unfortunately I didn’t took photos each of them). One of those is with this kid. We met this little fella from outside the restroom in Yerevan’s terminal going to Etchmiadzin. He helped and guided us how much amount we pay and where to ride for Etchmiadzin. He didn’t talked much, I think he can understand English a little but cannot speak English much. I am not really sure but what I know that he is a great kid!

4. WOMEN – I met beautiful women in my trip and some of them I didn’t got a chance to had their photos. Many of them were very helpful and very kind. There was that lady I really can’t forget, she draws sketches as means of our conversation. Great!

photos from Armenia, Kenya and Georgia
  • In Vernissage market in Yerevan I found these women selling clothes. They were happy women and we enjoyed having our photos. We had our smiles as our appreciation and exchanging thank you’s.
  • While roaming Yerevan, there were these elder women we met and talking to my found friends in French. Well, I just observed them as I don’t know French language yet.
  • Maasai women knew and talk English well, so we had a little conversations with them while outside in Amboseli National Park. They were selling their handmade jewelries for us.
  • I’m thankful I met Anna in Tbilisi Free Walking Tour now as Tbilisi Free Hack Tour. As a budget solo traveler, I was advised by a friend about this free tour and so I joined them. It was great and she’s witty. If you are planning to go to Tbilisi as DIY trip, you can check and join the Tbilisi Free Hack Tour. You can check their Page on Facebook and for queries send them a message, they will reply you back.
  • I only know English language well, few others are only greetings but not Russian or  Georgian! This landlady/owner in Corner Hostel is very kind but she is not good in English. We only exchange smiles and some Hi or Hello’s. I felt I was very safe in my stay in the hostel, as she is always in the house. They have free tea for the guests and you can use their washing machine for free too (just buy your laundry soap). 🙂

<…this article on progress…>

5. MEN – in my nature, I am very much cautious with men. 😀 But when I started to volunteer and travel, I learn to be friendly with strangers or talk to them even alone. In my travels I met locals, travelers etc mostly were men and they were great. 


6.TRAVELERS – as I was travelling solo I met, talk and even be friends with other travelers as well. Most of them are very friendly. You too can learn from them the local foods they tried and great places they knew. 


7. OTHER CREATURES – well, they are included too. Animals and pets that I met or first saw/touch in my life during my travels. 



“Every man I met is my superior in some way and in that I learned from him.” – as quoted by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Those persons above are not just the people I’ve met in my travels, there are more of them that I haven’t got a chance to have photos with me. A lot of them that helped me find my way to my hostel if I got lost and others that helped me or with friends for locations and places for destinations. There are many of them that I met were very helpful, very kind and I am so grateful that I met them in my trip. From them – I learned a lot, humbled and widen my openness in mind about the diversity of people in every countries and cultures. There are still more good humans out there regardless of race,  religion and status in life. For this I will continue to travel even though a little step at a time either in other country or in the country where I live.

“I want to travel not because I have these itchy feet or because of loneliness. I travel because I have a purpose and that purpose is to live life. That includes to see and enjoy the world which GOD giveth and also to give or receive care from each other ‘coz it’s a beautiful world!”

“I know every traveler have each reasons why he/she is traveling, do what you like! At the end of the day you are the only one who will remember what you did when you become older. So go based on what you are passion about and GOD bless.” 

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